The International Day of Older Persons – Press Release

The International Day of Older Persons is observed on October 1 each year. It should be a day of joy and celebration, a day when we honor our elders. Unfortunately, this situation remains an ideal for most people over 65 years in Romania, who face poverty, disease, marginalization and loneliness with not enough money to live a decent life.

This really affects us and we take this opportunity to express our concern related to the indifference of politicians towards this age category.

SenioriNET is committed to an endeavor at the end of which every elderly person in Romania can benefit from accesible, quality and sustainable socio-medical services. We aim to increase the quality of socio-medical services provided to the seniors, by building a framework for their functioning and financing and by positioning ourselves as a a strategic dialogue partner with interested political and social actors.

We will be involved in consultations meetings and we will watch over the political decisions, emphasizing by all meeans, the necessity of measures taken as to adress the elderly needs, measures related to the reality they face every day.

We will be struggling so that in 2027 SenioriNET Federation is one of the strongest voices of the elderly in Romania, a vector of change in the socio-medical services system. Its is our belief that we all deserve to age with dignity and be seen as a valuable member of the commmunity.

Press release can be fully read here.

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