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Becoming a member

Accession procedure

Organisations providing services for older people can become members of the Federation by completing and submitting an application for membership or on the basis of an invitation received from one of the other members.

Applications for active or observer membership of the Federation shall be submitted to the Governing Board, together with documents proving that the conditions for membership have been met (to be made available to applicants by the General Secretariat).

On the basis of these documents, the Governing Board will issue an advisory opinion, which will be submitted to the General Assembly together with the application.

If the application is rejected, the decision of the General Assembly will be communicated to the applicant organisation within 15 days.

Any changes to the data declared on entry to the Federation must be brought to the attention of the Governing Board within 15 days of the date on which the changes occurred.

The member organisations of the Federation shall retain their own legal personality, decision-making and organisational independence, autonomy both in the choice and execution of their programmes and in the promotion of internal and external relations, in accordance with their individual statutes.

In the event that a member of the Federation merges with another organisation, membership may also be extended to the organisation with which the former has merged, provided that it fulfils the conditions for membership of the Federation and the General Assembly agrees (by vote).