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About SenioriNet Federation

SenioriNET Federation – established on August 16, 2022 (based upon O.G. no. 26/2000 with subsequent amendments and additions) is composed of non-governmental organizations, Romanian legal entities, involved in providing social and medical services for the elderly in Romania.


The purpose of the Federation is to strengthen the capacity of service providers for the elderly in Romania.


General objectives:

  • promoting the involvement of service providers for older people in Romania in local, regional, national, European and cross-border policy for the development of services for seniors;
  • supporting service providers for seniors in Romania to contribute effectively to the sustainable development of services in the community;
  • raising citizens’ awareness on the importance of developing services for seniors in the community as a means of inclusion and combating poverty.


In order to achieve these general objectives, the Federation aims to:

  • to represent the common interests of its members in the field of services for elderly at national and international level;
  • to become a single voice within the community in the field of services for older people;
  • to provide members with information on the field of services for older people and the possibilities for cooperation between Federation members and international partners;
  • to facilitate information exchange and mutual learning between Federation members;
  • to support the professionalisation and development of services offered by members;
  • to inform and raise community awareness of the importance of developing and diversifying services for older people in the community;
  • to cooperate with local and central public authorities and other institutions in the social, educational, employment and other fields;
  • to contribute expertise and experience to the improvement and creation of public policies, strategies and legislation in the field of services for older people;
  • to cooperate actively with national and international partners on issues related to the field of older people;
  • to promote its members’ access to EU funding modalities and opportunities to strengthen the capacity of organisations to act in the field of services for elderly.


To achieve its objectives, the Federation:

  • will ensure continuous communication within the community on the role of NGOs and the services provided through a dedicated website as well as other means of information and communication;
  • will create and maintain a database of information on member organisations and services provided;
  • will facilitate the exchange of experience/expertise both between member organisations and with similar organisations at home and abroad;
  • will promote partnerships with similar foreign organisations;
  • will propose and develop coherent long-term communication and collaboration strategies between authorities, NGOs and other partners working in the field;
  • will ensure the representation and promotion of the interests of its member organisations towards the Romanian public authorities and international and European institutions, including through lobbying and advocacy activities in the field of services for seniors;
  • will monitor the implementation of local, regional and national strategies in the field of services for older people, inclusion, social protection and protection of older people, combating poverty, lifelong learning and health;
  • will advocate for the creation of a single contracting and decentralisation system for services for older people;
  • will carry out research and studies in the field of services for older people or other areas that have a direct impact on the quality of life of elderly;
  • will pilot through its members innovative tools in the field of services for older people;
  • will contribute to efforts to improve national and international standards and practices in this field;
  • will organise congresses, conferences, courses, seminars, training courses for its members;
  • will carry out activities to promote the Federation and its members;
  • will carry out direct economic activities that contribute to the achievement of the Federation’s purpose, but which will not compete with the activities of member organisations;
  • will organise the General Assembly of the Federation, co-ordinate the activities of the working groups, produce the annual report and publish and maintain the Federation’s website;
  • will carry out any other activities that are within the limits of the law, meet the aims and objectives of the Federation and are not in competition/conflict of interest with the activities of Federation members;
  • will be able to set up social enterprises, including social insertion enterprises.


The Federation’s Statute can be accessed here.



SenioriNET – the first informal network of organisations active in the field of services for the elderly was established in 2013 within a partnership formed by Caritas Romania Confederation, White Yellow Cross Romania Foundation, Habilitas Association, ADAM Association and Four Change Association. Its development is due to another project implemented at the moment (SenioriNET – NGO Network of services dedicated to the elderly) and financed by the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program.

Since its establishment, the network has carried out activities to defend the rights of the elderly in Romania and to promote socio-medical services for them, has developed public policy proposals for seniors access to home care services and has participated in consultations with various central and local authorities on elderly issues.