SenioriNET Members celebrate The International Day of Oder Persons

Every year, the 1st of October is marked by various actions and intitatives dedicated to seniors. Here are some of the events our member organize in order to celebrate the seniors.

București, Filiala de Crucea Roșie Sector 5,

“It’s never too late to save a human life” is the slogan under which the Red Cross sector 5 Bucharest reaches out to those seniors who feel the need to be involved within the community, especially through humanitarian support actions. One first module in being able to give basic first aide will take place on Saturday at 10.00. Those interested in attending the event are welcomed to register by email or sms/usind the „First aid” mobile app. Also, the volunteers are preparing 500 packages with diffrent usefull products to be distributed to the elderly on October 1st and 2nd. 073444 99 40. De asemenea, există posibilitatea de înscriere folosind aplicația mobilă ”Prim Ajutor” – prin telefon. Totodată voluntarii pregătesc un număr de 500 de pachete igienice – care vor fi distribuite Seniorilor în zilele de 1 si 2 octombrie.

Constanța, Fundația Crucea Alb-GalbenăFiliala Constanța,,

On the 1st of October, the team of the White Yellow Cross Foundation Constanta branch will distribute 30 food packages to the elderly from disadvantaged areas in the county.

Satu Mare, Caritas Dieceza Satu Mare,

On the 29th of September Caritas Satu Mare together with DAS Satu Mare put together a cultural event dedicated to the elderly who attend the Day center, in a project called Involved and active at the age of wisdom.

Bacău, Fundația de Sprijin Comunitar,

On the 1st of October, the Community Support Foundation organizes „Specialized services for seniors in Bacău” a seminar to which all those interested are invited. Specialists from the local public administration, NGOs and representative of the elderly will attend.

A bridge between generations” – activity carried out by the children of the “Day Center for the disadvantaged child” in Tamasi together with elderly people from the commune (including the beneficiaries of the home care program).

Cluj, Fundația pentru Îngrijirea Vârstnicului Cluj,

Foundation for Elderly Care Cluj is reopening the literary circle activity on September 29th, and today the cultural-artistic team coordinated by prof. Alexandru Cucu presents the cultural-artistic program „October 1 – Our day”.

Iași, Centrul Diecezan Caritas Iași,

Centrul Diecezan Caritas Iași through the Regional Home Care Centers organizes a series of actions that urge us to turn our attention and love to the elderly beneficiaries: visiting them at home and offering food packages , flowers and greeting cards specially created for them.

Oradea, Caritas Eparhial Greco-Catolic Oradea,

The Social Community Administration Oradea and Caritas Eparhial Oradea organize onFriday October 1st, at “Casa Frențiu” Residential Center, several festive activities: celebration songs, good cheer and poetry recital. We celebrate the wisdom, their life experience and the power to remain worthy and serene with all life storms. Notable personalities are invited: Mayor Florin Birta, Deputy Mayor Arina MOs, Miorița Săteanu honorary citizen of Oradea and also member of the Seniors parliament, Ioan Flueraș, coordinator of the “General Traian Moșoiu” Choir.

Blaj, Caritas Metropolitan Greco-Catolic,

„Respect for the elderly”: between 27.09 and 8.10 we will be offering to the elderly beneficiaries (150 people) food packages and greeting cards handmade by the children from the Caritas Day Centers with personalized messages. Thus, we encourage solidarity and respect between generations and we value the elderly. „Healthy lifestyle, healthy aging” – action in Tarnaveni dedicated to senior volunteers who are active in projects within the local community. Publishing a broshure – retrospective of activities carried out together, inluding future plans as well. For information and educational purposes, it will include a section with advices in diffrent areas: nutrition, psychology, medicine…for adopting and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle in old age.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic and the restrictions, several traditional events were canceled.

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