You are invited to discover one of our team members – the SenioriNET coordinator

In an interview with the National College of Social Workers, Mariana Oancea does an x-ray of the current social assistance system and invites all social workers to unite and built a common voice in order to send the following message: social workers matter and they are essential for the society.

  • How did you choose to become a social worker?
  • What motivates you to continue working in the social assistance field?
  • What are your values, things that matter to you?
  • How important is it to invest in the social worker, how necessary is a continuous professional training process?
  • What is your opinion about the working conditions, especially during the pandemic?
  • Is there a functioning social assistance system we can talk about?
  • What message would you send to the social worker in Romania?

These are some of the question she answered openly and sincerely.

The fully interview can be fully accessed here.

You will be finding a very pleasant person and a dedicated professional.

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