3-4 of February 2022: a new workshop with members to formalize the SenioriNET Federation

The motto of those present at the event: I listen with intention, I speak with care and I care about the process.

The event began with a couple of exercises to help the participants reconnect with each other, highlighting individual reasons for attending the meeting and our common interest: dignified senior living and quality services.

The proceedings continued with discussions on the draft statute of the future SenioriNET Federation:

  • types of membership, rights, obligations and opportunities that the NGOs members have access to;
  • ethical conditions;
  • membership criteria to be included in the procedures manual.

Once again, those present identified a number of difficulties they are facing at the level of NGOs providing services for older people: lack of institutional dialogue, chronic underfunding, pressure on providers. In this context, members see the Federation as a tool to help strengthen their capacity.

Potential strategic partnerships and other types of membership, membership fees, assets in case of dissolution/liquidation were also discussed.

A number of nominations were made for the composition of the future Federation’s Board team. These are to be submitted for consultation to all SenioriNET members.

The ideas we were left with from the meeting:

  • It is important that members with experience and know-how get involved in various advisory committees related to the situation of services for the elderly.
  • The elderly are currently one of the most vulnerable groups in Romania, a position recognised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.
  • – SenioriNET can be the entity that the Ministry contacts for various studies and research, which makes public policy for the elderly, who represents this social category with very high needs.
  • We imagine SenioriNET Federation to be relevant, to be able to coalesce and empower small organisations, to mobilise resources.
  • The Board of Directors will aim to create cohesion between members, with an open dialogue and a “battle” of ideas.
  • The immediate priority is the drafting of the Federation Statute, the first draft of which will be sent to all SenioriNET members for consultation.
  • There is need for a national authority for older people, so that the dialogue is no longer a dispersed one.
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