World Social Welfare Day, marked by the seminar “Social care for the elderly”

The Satu Mare Social Welfare Directorate, the Caritas Organisation of the Diocese of Satu Mare and the Territorial Structure of the Satu Mare CNASR marked World Social Welfare Day by organising a seminar. The event took place on Tuesday 15 March at the Day Centre for the Elderly on Jiului alley, within the project “Involved and active at the age of wisdom”.

Participants had the opportunity to learn useful information about social assistance provided to seniors in day centres for the elderly, as well as in residential units and home care centres.

Topics discussed:

  • presentation of the multidisciplinary team of the centre and the activities carried out to activate people over 65.
  • information and guidance for beneficiaries and their carers.
  • social assistance to the elderly within private social service providers.
  • detailing the licensing process of such services.
  • when it is appropriate to use the services of such a centre and what are the conditions for access/admission.
  • issues relating to the contribution paid for the services provided; who is responsible for paying this contribution; the possibility of the monthly contribution being provided by the local authorities.
  • the duties of the social worker and the activities carried out in residential units.
  • general issues relating to day centres for social and leisure activities for the elderly.
  • the range of services offered by the “St. Hildegard” Home Care Centre in Satu Mare, a social assistance unit operating under the aegis of the Caritas Organisation of the Diocese of Satu Mare, detailing the three types of services provided: basic social, support and medical services.

The seminar was a good opportunity for social workers and people in charge of social assistance to find out new information related to the care of the elderly, to discuss problems related to their work, to seek solutions together. A real community of specialists was created, eager to develop and improve their skills in order to contribute as much as possible to improving the life quality of seniors.

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