Meet SenioriNET members – C.A.R.P. Omenia

Founded in 1952, today C.A.R.P. “OMENIA” Association has over 42,000 members in Bucharest and the surrounding counties.

A non-governmental organisation of mutual aid and social protection for the elderly, the Association is constantly involved in actions and activities to promote active ageing.

The “Omenia” day centre is intended for members to socialise and spend their leisure time through various fun, creative and spiritual activities. The association also owns a rest home in Dâmbovița county “Casa de Odihnă Pucioasa” for recreation and medical rehabilitation activities.

As part of its social programmes, CARP Omenia distributes aids on loan (wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, walking sticks, bath chairs, etc.) to people in need. Low and very low-income people also receive material aid in the form of cleaning items.

Members of the Association receive financial support for hospitalisation, rehabilitation treatment (after accidents or serious illnesses) and dental treatment.

The Association runs social assistance (home care) and medical assistance (family medicine and dentistry) programmes for older members with particular health problems or at risk of social isolation.


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