A Meeting to prepare the drafting of the White Charta on the Rights of the Elderly in Romania

On Tuesday 12 April, we held a first working meeting to establish the steps to be taken in order to draft the White Charta on the Rights of Elderly People in Romania. We aim to produce a reference document setting out the fundamental principles and rights necessary for the well-being of older people. It will be an important advocacy tool to underpin the dialogue between NGOs providing social/medical services for the elderly and the authorities.

This SenioriNET initiative aims to raise awareness among the general public about the problems of the elderly in Romania and, at the same time, to stimulate the development of socio-medical services adapted to their needs.

Two external experts with a background in drafting similar documents and experience in advocacy will be involved in the process of drafting the Charta.

The document will be based on a participatory mechanism for collecting information from the beneficiaries (and their carers) of SenioriNET members, about 400 people, and will be validated in 3 workshops.

The Charta will include both an analysis of the elderly status in Romania, statistics on the network of social and socio-medical services at local level, and the rights of seniors, as well as a service development component through the social contracting mechanism.

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