Interviews with stakeholders to develop the Federation’s Strategic Plan (II)

In order to develop the Federation’s Strategic Plan and to respond to the needs of SenioriNET members, stakeholder interviews were conducted and a series of questionnaires were administered to member organisations.

These are the most relevant findings. (part 2)

– Secretarial activity and a motivated executory team, balanced with a sense of ownership and involvement of members – some respondents emphasized the former, others the latter, as the most important factor for success; a combination of consensus and quick decisions; actions to ensure sustainability during the present project.

– The opportunities for development are commensurate with the challenges: ‘An area of lobbying with extraordinarily clear thematic specificity and themes for which we need a lot of information, research and documentation. It’s a grey area of information: we don’t know the profile of the workforce in this sector, staff are demotivated, it’s about extreme migration for the sector.”

– Key people in the core team: “In the executive team there must be people with patience, good negotiators and good communicators, and who have a very strong sense of participatory and consensual decision-making.”; “Success comes from the engine, from coordination. As it is driven so will the network be.”

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